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My twin sister and I have been avid readers for most of our lives and enthusiastic writers for nearly just as long. Though we have read and loved many books from a variety of genres, being legally blind has given us a special appreciation for the fantastical as we have always had to fill in the gaps in our vision with our own imaginations. This passion has influenced much of our writing and other projects.

This site is both an archive of our works and, we hope, a place where readers, writers, and educators might find some helpful resources.

~ Alaena Hope

P.S. All the artwork on this website (except for the covers of books we review) was created by us.

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by V. Shalace [short story]

As far as Cindy is concerned, Fairytale Magic isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be, and a Happily Ever After is only happy if a girl chooses it for herself.


When the pumpkins in the garden of the quaint, country inn started sprouting little wheels and windows, Cindy knew that it was time to go.

Honestly, she should have expected it. The magic always caught up to her sooner or later—usually sooner rather than later, and often just when she was starting to grow comfortable. Yet even knowing this, a shock raced through her when she glanced up from the sink and through the open door of the inn’s modest kitchen to glimpse the gleam of sunlight on twiggy, half-formed spokes...

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Cover Image: A man stands silhouetted against a sunset city skyline with a phantom dragon rising from the glowing crystal in his hand.

by Alaena Hope and V. Shalace [novel]

Lumika, known around the world as the city of magic, is also home to the prestigious Lumika University, a leading institution in magitech research. However, not everyone who attends Lumika U is there for an education. Some are looking for recognition, and some are looking for revenge. Still others are only passing through on their way to bigger and better things.

All first-year student Shyn Shirolei really wants is a fresh start and access to Lumika University’s unparalleled libraries. Unfortunately, as the daughter of a seer, she knows better than anyone that life seldom unfolds as planned. When a body falls from the sky on her first day on campus, she finds herself caught in the middle of events that seem unsettling even for a school where furniture walks around on its own and memories can be kept on trees. With a roommate who seems like she already has her entire life figured out and a new friend who seems obsessed with the magical relics of the legendary Spectral Court, Shyn’s first semester as a university freshman is turning out to be a lot more complicated than she had hoped.

“There’s a shadow over the university,” Shyn’s mother had told her. If only she’d paid more attention.

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Cover Image: A black lab wearing a guide dog harness seated next to her person.

by V. Shalace [personal narrative]

A nonfiction piece based on the many interesting people I met while flying with my guide dog.

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Cover Image: Star-dusted smoke rising from a glass oil lamp.

by Alaena Hope [short story]

Being a genie just got harder. Like granting wishes wasn't hard enough already...

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