Cover Image: A young girl stands at a tall window through which a city at night glitters with lights. A shining rope ladder is hanging down out of the night sky.

A collection of fun, illustrated poems on magical moments and adventures, both the curious and the simple.

Cover Image where a young woman with a dark complexion dressed in a white, long-sleeved shirt and black pants is dancing on the surface of a lake with ripples spreading away from her feet across a reflected blue sky.

by Alaena Hope and V. Shalace

Scribbled Journeys is an illustrated collection of 49 poems that range from funny childhood anecdotes to stories of magic and adventure.

Join two brothers on their crazy journey to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Meet a girl who receives a magical piano from her grandmother, a boy with an ill-tempered jack o’ lantern, and a goldfish that turns out maybe not to be a goldfish after all. Learn about the world of socks, what guide dogs actually do for their blind partners, and more.

Inspired by childhood dreams and the turning of seasons, this quirky and whimsical collection is one that parents and children can enjoy together.

Cover Image: A man kneels at the foot of a mostly barren tree.

by Alaena Hope [2018]

Plain Green Cover

by Alaena Hope [2021]