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Please note that as of summer 2022, we have shifted from doing written book reviews to providing brief reviews in a recorded format (for the reviews posted before this change, please see the bottom of this page).

About the Channel

Sharing books and short stories to help you find your next read: if you want a quick way to learn about new books, this is the channel for you.

The goal of these reviews is not to critique books or make specific recommendations (though, of course, some opinions will be included). We know that what books we each enjoy varies, so for our reviews, we will focus instead on giving you a feel for each of the books we read as we read them. We hope that this will help you decide whether you might want to add something to your own reading list. To this end, we will try to review every book we pick up, and we will only review books that we finish.

New posts will be added as we make our way through our own reading lists.

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Reviews from Before August 2022

Cover of Fiddler's Ghost

by Mitch Jayne

Cover of Magpie Murders

by Anthony Horowitz

Cover for The Book of Lost Things by John Connolly

by John Connolly

Cover for All She Was Worth by Miyuki Miyabe

by Miyuki Miyabe

Cover for Book 1 of the Kingkiller Chronicles

by Patrick Rothfuss

Book Cover for Jackaby

by William Ritter

Book Cover for The Angel of the Crows

by Katherine Addison

Cover image of Archangel.

by Sharon Shinn

Book Cover for The Department of Sensitive Crimes

by Alexander McCall Smith

by Janet Tashjian

by Tanith Lee