Cover Image: A giant glass wine bottle pours sparkling liquid into a pitch black sea upon which the silhouette of a tiny boat with three passengers sails.

by V. Shalace [2009]

When three shipwrecked sailors in a lifeboat fish a bottle from the sea, they find a rather unlikely letter inside.

Cover Image: A pumpkin growing in a field that is sprouting a wheel

by V. Shalace [2021]

Cindy is lucky to be Blessed, or at least that’s what most people tell her. As far as Cindy is concerned, however, Fairytale Magic isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be. And the important thing about Happily Ever After is that it’s only happy if a girl chooses it for herself.

Plain Cover

by V. Shalace [2018]

Having a visible disability is one of those things that people often notice right away but do not know how to talk about. As a legally blind writer and artist, I feel strongly the power of words and the importance of listening—not only to what people say, but what they do not say and how they do not say it. Conversations, especially conversations around historically taboo subjects such as disability, can be tough—full of misunderstandings and missed opportunities for communication under a thin veneer of politeness and acceptance. This is a story about a conversation that was waiting to happen but never did.

Cover Image: Six framed pictures hang on a peach colored wall. Two frames contain the title and author name respectively. The remaining four frames contain ink drawings. One shows a pair of quail, the second shows a small, stone bridge over a brook, the third shows a swallow perched on a branch backed by distant mountains, and the last shows a bouquet of sunflowers.

by Alaena Hope [nonfiction, 2009]

A true story of a blind artist's first experience with a college art class.

Cover Image: A swarm of butterflies fly through golden sunbeams.

by V. Shalace [2011]

In the mountains, there is a village where the wishes people make on paper butterflies come true. However, each person can make only one wish at a time, and the effects of any previous wish are canceled out by the effects of the new. This is where Shiyo lives.

Cover Image: A black Labrador mix wearing her leather guide dog harness and sitting next to her human

by V. Shalace [nonfiction, written 2018, posted 2021]

Traveling with my guide dog, I often find myself drawn into conversations with the people seated in the chairs next to me. In this way, I’ve met all manner of unique individuals with unexpected stories to share. This is a creative nonfiction piece based upon such encounters while flying back and forth between home and school during my time as a graduate student.

Cover Image: A glass lamp sends curls of star-dusted smoke drifting against a black backdrop.

by Alaena Hope [March 2021]

Being a genie just got harder. Like granting wishes wasn't hard enough already...

Cover Image: A sunny patch of countryside with a tall tree

by V. Shalace [November 2022]

Jaden has completed his studies as a sorcerer and sets out on his first official field assignment with his team. At the same time, his brother, Eimichi, begins his first year as a teacher in their village schoolhouse.

The two share stories from their lives with one another in a series of letters...