Thanksgiving Writing Prompts

(November 2020)

1. Write a thank you letter to something that you own.

2. Write a story about someone who helps a stranger with unexpected results.

3. Think about some of the people who have affected you or your life in a positive way. Choose one and write a story that shows readers how this happened and why you feel thankful for this person.

4. Plan your perfect Thanksgiving dinner. For instance, who would you invite? Where would it be? What would you eat? How would you decorate, and what activities might you have people participate in?

5. Describe the dishes that would compose your ideal Thanksgiving dinner. Would there be, for example, a soup perhaps? A main meat dish and some kind of dessert? What makes each of these dishes special? Is there a particular order in which people should eat them?

6. Write a story about something that happened in your life that you are grateful for. What led up to this event? Why, in retrospect, do you appreciate what happened?

7. Write a diary entry from the point of view of someone who has just received a thank you from someone unexpected. Who was it and why was this gratitude unexpected? How did the writer receive the thank you (a letter, a text, in person, etc.)? How does the writer feel about it? Does it change anything for the writer?