Love Story Writing Prompts

(October 2020)

1. Write a story about two unlikely people falling in love. How do they meet? What makes their romance so unexpected? Why does their relationship work despite their differences? Or do their differences eventually drive them apart?

2. Write a love story between two people who never actually meet face to face. How did they first encounter one another? How might their relationship development?

3. Oftentimes, it’s the little things people do and say that tell us the most about them. Write a story where a person begins to notice that someone is in love with him or her because of these small gestures. How will this person respond?

4. Write a story about two lovers who have been separated for a long time finally finding their way back to each other. How do they feel? Why were they separated in the first place?

5. Unexpected coincidences can lead to some of the best things in our lives. Write a story about two people who run into one another more than once by pure coincidence and gradually fall in love. What brings them together? How does their relationship grow over time?

(August 2021)

  1. Write a story about a trinket that someone receives as a gift from his or her significant other, something that still holds meaning for the recipient years later. What makes this trinket so special?

  2. More often than not, things in life don’t go as we planned. Write a story about someone’s love confession or marriage proposal gone terribly wrong. How do things end? Are they still able to say what they want to say?

  3. Write a letter from someone to their ex, explaining why the writer refuses to even entertain the idea of getting back together.

  4. Sometimes, outsiders can offer us a unique perspective on an event. Write a story from the perspective of a coffee shop assistant (or customer) watching the relationship blossom between two frequent customers.